What Some Patients Have to Say About Us on Yelp.

I have been a client to Jim and Jennifer for more than 3 years and they always deliver excellent treatments. Jim has a no bull approach that helps to keep my ego in check. He has also taken time to suggest exercises to help extend the benefits of the adjustments.
- Kent Y

5 stars in this reporters opinion, I don't write reviews unless I'm really upset with a service or really happy, I go to see Dr. Jim every 4 or 5 months now to maintain the results I so much needed when we started working a pinched nerve 2 years ago. He got me back in action within 10 days the first time I needed help and I have learned not to wait and see if it gets better on it's own.
Now I know to go before I get all crimped up.
- Jeff & Vera

I LOVE this place! I've been seeing Jim for a few years now and he has helped me and my poor back so much more than a massage or even physical therapy can ever do! I've also seen him while I was pregnant as that's one of his many specialties and he was the ONLY one who helped with the severe back pain that I experienced at that time. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of an honest and very experienced chiro. If you are looking for an appt. that lasts forever coupled with a long massage this might not be the place for you- he's quick- to the point and I'm out in 15 minutes feeling so much better! Glad I could find someone I could trust with my back!
-Roxy R

I agree with all the other 5 star reviews of Loucks chiro.
I had a herniated disc and Kaiser was all set to operate on me when I decided to give Spinal Decompression a try. My regular chiro does't have a table but a peer of hers recommended Loucks and my experience over the past couple months has been great. It is looking like I won't need surgery and both Dr. Jim & Dr. Jen are wonderful. They are knowledgeable, very accommodating, caring, and truly want you to get back to your life and activities.
I'm not someone who is a good patient, but they both did an amazing job of helping and communicating with me in a way that worked best for me. Dr. Jim has done some adjustments on me as well and he is great, if I wasn't completely satisfied with my current chiro I'd be switching to him.
-Laura K

The Dox Lox are amazing. I am as picky about someone cracking my spine as I am about getting my hair done (okay, that might not sound right but the women with good hair will know what I mean). Dr. Jim Loucks has been adjusting my husband and me for years and he's fantastic. Not a "why don't you come in 2x's a day so I can bill you" type of chiropractor but a true body mechanic. He can figure out where the issue is and within 2, maybe 3 sessions work it all out. No gimmicks or gadgets.
Their practice is run professionally, very organized. They have taken every insurance I have had over the last 5 years, have great hours and are accomodating always to my schedule which is typically "oh my geez, how soon can I get in?".
-Dawn C.

I'm a long-time non-believer in chiropractic, I have to admit. I thought it was hooey. But when my neck and back were getting messed up because of a new job, my husband finally convinced me to give it a try.
And bear in mind that he has three crushed vertebrae in his back from mountain biking. He'll barely let *me* touch his back. So when he told me that Jim is the back expert, I had to listen.
He was right. It was like Jim released years of tension from my back in my first adjustment. Since then, I've been in several times and he's given me some stretches and stuff that help. I swear, I feel taller and lighter after each appointment. I wish I could go every day.

Jim is the best. I've gone to him for several problems, and this last one was a doozy! I went in there in such pain today, and he fixed me almost immidiately! It's amazing what a little adjusting could do. Highlty reccomend this place for anyone with any back issues.
-Zhanna A.

Dr. Loucks is great! I really enjoy the atmosphere of the clinic, the family vibe makes me feel very welcome. I got a referral to Dr. Loucks from a high school friend of his and after years of refusing to see a chiropractor I found myself in so much pain I made an appointment, was seen right away and it only took like 2-3 sessions to get my back adjusted properly. That was like 2 or more years ago. I've been feeling great, and it isn't until a recent strain that I've needed to see him since.
-Mark E.

Been going to Doc Loucks for about 11 years now, and very happy with the care I've received in that time. Jim is an active guy, so he understands the needs of recreational athletes who need to get back out there and be physical.
-Jason G.

Got a referral for Jim from my husband's chiro while I was preggers and suffering back pain. Jim has a lot of experience with pregnant clients, so if you're worried about it, don't be! I've been going for 5 years, and my back pain has pretty much gone away. These days I go in 1x/month for maintenance, or if I hurt myself doing something. I've never been kept waiting for an appointment, they are well-organized and super-efficient. I've recommended them to lots of friends. Since I've been going, my back is better, my wrists are better (carpal tunnel prevention), and my migraines (4-6x/yr) have been waaaaay reduced (1-2x/year, and a lot less strong). Yay Jim!
-Trulee K.

Jim was awesome. In 4 visits he took care of some shoulder pain. I've been to tons of chiropractors and Jim is great....
-Ed P.

I can't say enough about Dr. Loucks - my entire family goes to the office. My daughters are sad that our insurance only covers a visit once a month. They feel so good after a visit they count the days until the next one. Both are athletes and he really understands what is going on with them.
-Stacey S.

Dr. Jim Loucks is the BEST! I went to him for years and the office was always very accommodating with appointments. His adjustments were always right on and I left the office feeling so much better. I've moved out of state and am in need of chiropractic and wish I could get there to see Dr. Loucks again!
-Cyndie H

"Dr. Loucks has been my family's chiropractor for the last few years. He is highly efficient at identifying, fixing and preventing spinal health problems. I highly recommend his services."
-Alexey B.

Over the last couple of years I have been getting bad headaches & migraines and ever since I have been going to see the Loucks Chiropractors, they have slowly gone away. I really enjoy going to their practice they are always so knowledgeable in answering my questions. They are open early so I can get myself adjusted in the morning and I like that. My Father, brother and best friend now go their as well.
If anyone is looking for a local Chiropractor who knows their stuff, I recommend Loucks Chiropractic.
-Travis C.